A Part Of Paul’s Bio

As for me, I had so great evidence of God’s loving-kindness, memorable to the point as it was happened today. After reading the following story, you may draw your own conclusion of what I state.

Before Jesus called me to His discipleship, I have been served in the Air Force for twelve years. The flying a fighter is always a fun while at the same time it is immensely stressful. While on an military operation, I have experienced what would prove to be a turning point for the rest of my life.

Because of miscommunication, the jet of my wing-man unexpectedly turned from left in my side;  in order to avoid the colliding I forced my jet to right and down. This maneuver saved us both from the imminent explosion, however during the maneuver I felt the slight  struck of the left console of my jet. We flew about 1200 feet above the ground at that moment. This touch  resulted my jet to turn into a wild horse – so to say, having been out of control it swiftly spiraled downward just for nine seconds before detonating on the ground.

This delay afforded me at least five seconds to eject and be saved. Such an escape should not have been humanly possible because considering the brief reaction time, the stress and overwhelming 9 G -force. It would take more than superhuman strength to maintain control. Furthermore, after ejection the main parachute system malfunctioned, thanks the reserve chute that deployed, other way I would not share this story.

If this were not miraculously enough, I escaped the fireball on the ground caused by the explosion of  couple tonnes of gasoline along with ammunition on the board. This survival turned into reality thanks to the strong wind that drew the parachute away from the inferno.

After the successful landing  the fear of death left me, in exchange, I have experienced the great joy of being alive. Up to this day, it is hard to imagine my surviving, even without injury, meantime the laces of my boots were torn in pieces and the tube of the oxygen mask was cut off.

According to statistics a mid-air collision of two fighter jets leads to the total destruction both or at least one of the airplane. In my case, the investigation panel reported that practically and theoretically I should have died. Afterwards, as I considered my amazing survival, I recognized the saving act of God who saved me from the untimely death, at the same time, giving me a chance to respond on His love with love and with obedience to Him. The merciful act of God has been remembered to the rest of my life.

Now I can say confidently that the Lord Jesus Christ saved me for Himself. I am His servant according to His counsel. With Jesus’ help and leadership I started the church in Russia; was saved from troublemakers who do not like me due to my Christian believe and activities;  by God’s wise counsel I was graduated with two Masters degrees from two seminaries;  served as a pastor; and now continue to pass many trials.

Therefore, to Him who can do much more even we can imagine, blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might forever and ever!


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